Effective this month (June, 2016), we are changing the selection process for our submission to the monthly Interboard Poetry Competition (IBPC). We’ve seen a general wanting of participation in the process, with few people voting in most months. From now on, an IBPC Committee of three (including Jude and Toni) will select the three poems from those nominated. 

But we need you to participate in this process! Please support your fellow poets here by nominating worthy poems for IBPC. You can still nominate as many poems as you like. And you can second any poems that you like to show your support. But we will no longer use member voting to determine the submission.

We realize that some poets do not want their poems sent to IBPC for various reasons — usually because they intend to submit somewhere else. That is perfectly okay. You only need to let us know, in the nomination thread. And you can still participate by nominating others’ poems.

Our Guidelines have been amended to reflect these changes. You can find the IBPC Guidelines and The Waters’ own Guidelines here:

Keep writing and nominating!

          Jude & Toni

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